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Wrinkle Surgery

What is Wrinkle Surgery?

The face endoscopy surgery, most commonly called anti-gravity stretching, is a surgical procedure capable of giving a natural and young appearance to the patient’s face.


It lasts approximately 5 hours according to the complexity of the procedure.

The procedure starts with 3 very small cuts (incisions) made in the upper part of the face, in the area of the scalp. Another alternative is to make cuts (incisions) behind the ears.

These incisions allow the surgeon to introduce the endoscope, small surgical instruments and a tiny camera to monitor the whole surgery.

After making the incisions, the excess skin of the different parts of the face required by the patient is tightened and cut out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does recovery last?

• Recovery time is approximately 10 days with 2 days of absolute rest. Swelling will disappear between 1 and 3 weeks.

Does surgery cause incapacity?

• Incapacity is reduced to 5 days of absolute rest.
• Age is not a relevant factor for this aesthetic surgery. The key factor to determine the acceptance of the surgery is the photo-damage which the patient’s skin presents. It is commonly performed among the elderly with obvious aging signs.

Which care should be applied?

• Nurse assistance during the first day of post-operative recovery.
• Wear cold sanitary towels during the first 2 days
• Wear sunscreen lotion, sunglasses and hats at all times
• Take all prescribed medicines
• Go to all medical controls
• Avoid exercising during 4 weeks
• Avoid bending down and picking up objects for 4 weeks
• Do not wear glasses during the first 2 weeks

Which medicines are not allowed during the surgery?

• The patient should not be taking any blood thinners such as aspirin, ibuprofen, garlic pills, Vitamin E, gingo bilova, profenid, diclofenac, among others.