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Solution to Snoring

What is Solution to Snoring?

Very few of those who suffer from snoring know there are fast, effective and painless solutions.

Snoring has been considered for a long time as something normal and sometimes even a reason to make jokes, however, it is a serious problem which affects the health and social conduct of people.

In Colombia, around 45% of normal adults snore at least from time to time whereas 25% snore on a regular basis.

Snoring presents more often in men and in overweight persons and it generally gets worse with age.

It may occur even in kids, being it necessary to determine the cause to define how to treat it.


In Colombia the only treatment was the conventional surgery, with operative consequences and post-operative consequences such as general anesthesia, bleeding, severe pain, treatment with antibiotics, incapacity up to several weeks or months affecting the normal and productive lifestyle of the patient.

Now, thanks to scientific technology, palate and turbinate radiofrequency is introduced in Colombia from Germany consisting in the molecular disintegration of the excess tissues of the palate and uvula veil with no surgical cut.

Radiofrequency allows the body to respond to tissue reorganization acquiring its normal tightening. The procedure is on an outpatient basis, it lasts approximately 15 minutes, under local anesthesia, without causing pain and it requires no incapacity.

In Colombia 450 cases have been treated of patients suffering this disorder, with a effectiveness rate of 80% which, taking into account that this rate in the world is 55% and 60%, makes the procedure in the patient highly successful.

Socially, snoring can be a problem for couples living together, becoming even on certain occasions a ground for separation. So if you suffer from this disorder and do not want to continue being affected by it, this treatment may be considered as a solution.