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Lips Surgery

What is Lips Surgery?

Lip surgery is a surgical procedure to either increase or reduce the size of the lower and/or upper lip of the mouth.


  • CHEILOPLASTY: Are your lips too voluminous or too thin? In this case, you can undergo a corrective surgery to reduce or increase your lips.

  • GUMMY SMILE CORRECTION: if your gums are exposed because your upper lip is lifted too high when you smile, this procedure can offer a solution.

  • LIFTING THE UPPER LIP: with age the upper lip tends to droop and the red of the lips becomes narrower. This symptom of the aging process can be corrected with a simple “butterfly correction”.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does recovery last?

  • Recovery time is approximately 10 days. Swelling will disappear completely.

Does surgery cause incapacity?

  • Incapacity is reduced to five to seven days, depending on each patient.

Which care should be applied?

  • Soft diet during 1 week
  • Please ice during 20 minutes every hour over the lips
  • Avoid exercising for 15 days
  • Avoid contact with sunrays or solar lamps during 4 weeks
  • Avoid bending down and picking up objects for 15 days
  • Take all prescribed medicines
  • Go to all medical controls

When are stitches removed?

  • Stitches used in lip surgeries are internal. Internal stitches are dissolved without any prior notice