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Laser Skin Rejuvenation

What is CO2 laser for?

Fractioned CO2 laser is one the most effective treatments for face non-surgical rejuvenation. This treatment consists of the emission of small light beams which penetrate in the skin and heat up to the deepest levels of the dermis.

These injuries are microscopic wounds which will be filled with healthy tissue and cells capable of promoting fast healing and collagen production.

What does the treatment consist of?

The procedure consists of the fractioned CO2 laser application in the areas to be treated, under topic anesthesia or with sedation. The laser heats up the tissue and vaporizes the water of the epidermis cells, which makes the tissue to be regenerated.

The new healthy and radiant skin replaces the damaged tissue and the process continues during the 6 months after the treatment, which improves the surface and tightness of the dermis. Thing wrinkles, spots, scars, acne consequences are reduced and the patient’s skin looks rejuvenated. Additionally, there is a lifting effect which makes the result very natural.

This is achieved by removing the superficial part of the aged skin and by stimulating the formation of new healthy skin.

The procedure may be performed in specific areas such as face, neck and hands. It is an excellent complement to take care of the skin after face surgeries. Since CO2 laser gets to the deepest layers of the skin, it is a procedure which may be performed once or twice to achieve the results. As an advantage, it is possible to set the injury level to be produced and it can be performed more superficially for maintenance giving a soft peeling effect.

Are there any side effects?

  • Herpes presence
  • Being suntanned
  • Important systemic alterations
  • Very dark skin types