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Dermatude Meta-Therapy

What is Dermatude Meta-Therapy?

Anti-ageing, rejuvenating, hydration and restoration technique.

The skin ageing process may be delayed and the rejuvenating symptoms may be visibly reduced. It is necessary the stimulate and activate the natural process of the skin from the inside, so that the skin itself begins to produce collagen and elastin again and improves the blood circulation. Also, the deficiencies should be replaced from the outside with active ingredients.

Meta Therapy (Medical and Aesthetic Tissue Activating Therapy by Dermatude is a natural skin improvement method which combines both aspects.

The painless procedure consists of making micro-perforations in the skin, adding NCTF which is known as the Youth Cocktail.

Thus, the repairing mechanism of the skin is activated, which will start to synthetize collagen and elastin, to correct these micro-perforations.

This self-repairing property of the skin is a natural, non-invasive way to renovate the skin from inside out. Additionally, with meta therapy platelet-rich plasma may be applied in a less painful way. Your skin will be more resistant and gain elasticity, and the thin lines and wrinkles will visibly disappear.

 Pores will be thinner, circulation will be stimulated and the general condition of the skin will improve. What your skin has lost over the years will be activated again and you will reverse the biological clock in a natural way, so that your skin will look fresher and younger.