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Chin Surgery

What is Chin Surgery?

Mentoplasty is a surgical procedure to either increase or reduce the size of the chin. Implants are used in augmentation mentoplasty.

When the chin is too small, mentoplasty is performed by sliding genioplasty.

This procedure involves the bone.


It lasts approximately 1 hour. It is performed under local or general anesthesia and on an outpatient basis.

This procedure starts with a small cut (incision) on the mandibular ridge or inside the mouth, this decision is made by the surgeon depending on the case.

This incision allows the surgeon to place a silicone implant inside the pocket, on the mandibular bone, and under the chin muscle providing a natural appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does recovery last?

  • Recovery time is approximately 1 month in which swelling of the chin will completely disappear.

Does surgery cause incapacity?

  • Incapacity is reduced to 1 day of absolute rest.

Which care should be applied?

  • Avoid dairy products during the first 10 day
  • Liquid food during 3 days
  • Avoid exercising for 15 days
  • Avoid contact with sunrays or solar lamps during 4 weeks.
  • Heat may produce swelling of the chin.